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Original Paintings Gallery

I am always painting, so when I have some available to sell, I'll  post them here so you can view and purchase direct from the artist…me!  If you'd like to know when I've added new artworks, please join my list and I will send you a message, allthough I promise I will not bombard you with a heap of emails. 

 All my originals are sold just now ( which is great for me). Hope you enjoy some pictures of some of my past works.

You might guess that I love to paint figures, particularly women. Have no idea why, it simply appeals to me as they can be so decorative. I'm always trying to improve and progress with my painting - so maybe it's about getting the one subject right (for me). 

I'm not very consistent with naming my paintings as it's not that important to me, so sometimes the name changes if I've forgotten the original title…oh well, makes it a bit more interesting.

I hope you enjoy a selection of my favourite paintings.  All these are SOLD and are happy in their new homes. I will have some of them available as a limited edition art print. They somewhat appear in loose chronological order, with the latest first.

Please contact me if you'd like to enquire about a commission.

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Music is very important to me when I paint…I was listening to the Waifs when this was painted.

 "WISE" 2012

The next three paintings are about a difficult situation my young daughter had with a friendship.  I knew there was an important lesson happening but I was overwhelmed at the desire to protect her and let her go so she could learn from the experience. In the end, the learning won and it was a good life lesson for her."LESSONS" 2012



The first painting I have done on paper for a long time. I love watercolour and I've also sewn into the paper with cotton thread. I can't wait to do more in this series.


"KAT AND HER ROOSTER 2" 2014  This painting is acrylic on ceramic tile. It has a resin finish on the surface. A reference to my tile painting days I think. I really enjoy the painting surface rather than canvas.

"A SHAME" 2015

One day, while down the street, I felt overwhelmed at how much trouble some children were in within their family. I saw a lot in a short period of time and I came home and painted this….still makes me a bit sad to look at it but I do love the end result.


Sometimes a painting isn't about anything particular and it's not very deep. I love henna work on hands and dragonflies.

 "FLY FREE" 2010











I love to paint onto ceramic tiles and then have a high gloss resin finish. These are HUGE tiles and very heavy, but worth it.

 Lipstick Ladies 2005